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Over the last three decades MESCO stands on considerable position for Quality and Reliable products, which has made us a trusted name through out the country and abroad. As an original equipment manufacturer we have proven ourselves in Pumps, Valves and Tea Processing Machinery
Industrial Relation
We enjoy excellent relation with our employees, captive units, suppliers and customers. In fact, we are proud to mention that during last 25 years we have not faced any IR problems in our factory. We have introduced the concept of HRD with proper motivation and modern management technique for enhancing productivity and job satisfaction. Time to time proper training is also given to the Managers, Engineers, Workmen, to update their knowledge and skill.
Steel Authority of India Ltd.
(Bhilai Steel Plant) - Govt. of India.
Steel Authority of India Ltd.
(Rourkella Steel Plant) - Govt. of India.
S.P. Development Impex Co. Ltd, Bangkok
Solution Provider and Project developer.
Hadid Majan LLC, Mascot
Project Developer
Evo Tech Pvt. Ltd
Solution Provider and Project developer of Rolling Mills, Sponge Iron Plants, steel Plants etc.
Steefo Engineering Corporation
For onward export to Pakistan.
Hothur Steels Pvt. Ltd.
Quality Assurance
All our products are basically engineering machine casting and one can be assured of precision engineering that is both cost effective and reliable on delivery schedule.

Quality and International Standard manufacturer of High head lateral channel self priming pumps, End suction back pull-out centrifugal pumps....

MESCO quality manufacturer & exporter of graded Cast Iron/Cast Steel/Non-Ferrous Sluice/Gate Valves, Sluice Gates, Non-return/Check Valves....