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Delivery size upto 150 mm, Capacity upto 300 m3/hr. Head upto 100 mtr., Temp. upto 1000C.


a) Motor and Pump are close coupled by a rigid coupling. The complete rotating portions can be removed without disconnecting the pump casing from the pipelines.

b) Standard motor is used in V1 mounting configuration.

  • Water supply Systems
  • Water Circulation / Transfer
  • Hot Water Circualtions
  • Industry
  • Ship Building
  • Cooling Towers

  1. CASING & IMPELLER : Volute casing and radical flow impellers are cast in CI, WCB, Bronze & SS and Precision machined to ensure noise free operation.
  2. WEARING RINGS :Every volute casing is fitted with replaceable wearing ring.
  3. SHAFT SEALING : By means of high quality mechanical seal.
  4. BEARINGS : Shaft is supported by motor bearings only for sizes upto MIL-200 and with additional TC Bottom bush for others.