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Martin's Vayusrot CFM

~ Medium to high pressure fresh air through Dhool.

~ Gives complete penetration. Every particle gets fresh oxygen giving “EVEN Fermentation”.

~ No distributing Dhool during fermentation by turning over.

~ Twin duct with regulated temperature and humidity control. Special scraper arrangement to keep the carrying surface absolutely clean eliminating spillage. Controlled air to keep temperature to 32 degree Celsius at feeding end and 24 degree Celsius at discharge end.

~ Martin’s Vayusrot CFM having one 18 degree Inclined Feed Conveyor Assembly with Independent Drive, one Helical Spreader with Independent Drive, Imported PVC Conveyor Belt 2 mtr. Width x 2 / 2.5 mtr. length, Non Magnetic SS side/Spillage guard, Idler Rollers, Return-run Idler Rollers.

~ 2 mtr. x 2 mtr. SS Plenum Chamber with MS Heavy Section fabricated modules. One of each module having damper to control desired air pressure.

~ Main Drive – 5 HP 415 (+)- 10% Volt, / 3 Ph, 50 Hz (+)- 5% AC TEFC 1440 rpm Motor with mechanical Variator Drive giving you desired fermenting time.

~ Motor 5 HP/ 7.5 HP / 10 HP 415 (+)- 10% Volt, 3 Ph, 50 Hz (+)- 5% AC TEFC 1440 rpm with Blower giving 2” to 2½” WG Air Pressure. Motor HP, CFM of the Blower to be selected on capacity of the CFM.

~ Each Module having Air Spreading SS Box to give even Air Pressure and Taper large size outlet box designed in such way after the fermentation, at the time of cleaning by water no drop of water and tea will be accumulated.

~ In the middle of the CFM having Upturner mechanism with Independent Drive Assembly.

~ One Rotary Brush with Drive Assembly fitted at Discharge point to clean the Gauge Belt during operation.

~ Belt carrying Idler Rollers fitted on the Plenum chamber. Return-run Idler Rollers also fitted.

~ Mechanical Belt Tracking System The Workmanship of Martin’s Vayusrot CFM is so perfect that the belt is never shifting out, although we are providing Belt Tracking Roller at the discharge end. This Roller act as steering to Centralise the belt.

~ Direct Display with Digital Temperature gauges at 2 points on the dhool tea.

~ We also provide Automatic Digital R.H. Control device.

~ Electrical Control Panel having main switch, starter, fuse, overload relay, digital temperature display, volt meters, ammeters and on-off switch.

~ Suitable SS Duct connected with the Plenum Chamber of each modules. The main duct connection with the Blower through ‘Y’ Duct on middle of the CFM to maintain even air pressure all through.

~ One mixed chamber with 2 Nos. Humidifiers having one air washer to allow only Humid air and arrest the water connected with the suction of the blower through square to round duct.


A. HOT AIR SYSTEM One complete unit of Hot Air, having one blower assemble with electric heater, Hot Air discharge through SS Duct, having hot air and cold air mixed chamber inside the duct with damper to control the air.

B. Pneumatic Belt Tracking Mechanism fitted at the discharge end of the CFM. This is operated by the micro switch to Pneumatic Cylinder Assembly, Micro Switch to be fitted both sides of the CFM and it is automatically controlled to centralised the belt. This is very precision device.

Modular type: 2 m X 2 m width

Module Machine Length Feed conv. Length Total Length Blower Motor [HP] Main drive Motor [HP] Capacity W/L [kgs]
6 12.3 2.5 14.8 5 3 950
7 14.2 2.5 16.7 5 3 1100
8 16.1 2.5 18.6 7.5 5 1200
9 18 2.5 20.5 7.5 5 1350
10 20 2.5 22.5 10 5 1500

Modular type: 2 m X 2.5 m width

Module Machine Length Feed conv. Length Total Length Blower Motor [HP] Main drive Motor [HP] Capacity W/L [kgs]
6 12.3 2.5 14.8 5 3 1150
7 14.2 2.5 16.7 7.5 5 1300
8 16.1 2.5 18.6 7.5 5 1500
9 18 2.5 20.5 10 5 1650
10 20 2.5 22.5 10 5 1800