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Martin's Special Purpose CTC Chaser Grinder Machine

~ Martin’s Chaser Grinder Machine comprises a sturdy cast iron base.

~ The machine is supplied complete with a 380/420 volts, 3 phase A.C. motor.

~ A 8’’ diameter cup wheel is fitted to one end for grinding chasers, while 10’’ diameter wheel is mounted on the other end and can be used for sharpening cutter bits, drills and general purpose tools.

~ The secondary slide carrying the chaser, is mounted parallel to the spindle and is operated by a rack and pinion thus permitting the chaser to passed to and fro across the cup wheel. This has a lead screw fitted with a disc graduated in divisions of 0.001’’ thus permitting close control of operation.

~ The chaser holder fixture has been designed to give 5 degree clearance angle for the top of the chaser and 7 degree face clearance, these angles having being proved satisfactory service.

~ The fixture can accommodate either a 2 1/4’’ wide chaser or a 1’’ chaser and is provided with a diamond dresser for dressing the grinding wheel.

~ The chaser should be passed briskly across the wheel to avoid overheating, taking cuts of approx. 0.0005.