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Martin's Special Purpose CTC Cutter Grinder Machine

~ Martin’s special purpose CTC Cutter Grinder Machine is specially designed for grinding CTC Milling Cutters.

~ Easy operational facilities-even semiskilled operators can work on this machine.

~ The CTC Milling Cutter is mounted on a spindle which rotates on roller bearings fitted on a swivel base graduated in degrees for grinding both L.H. and R.H. Milling cutters accurately to correct angles.

~ The machine is supplied complete with a 380/420 volts, 3 phase A.C. motor and starter.

~ The table-traverse is through a rack and pinion, fitted with self lubricating sintered bushes. The cross-feed movement is graduated in 0.001’’ divisions to provide for fine-grinding of cutters.

~ The machine ensures minimal removal of metal from the cutter.

~ The cutter should be passed briskly across the wheel to avoid over-heating, taking cuts of 0.0005’’.

~ Limit stops are provided to avoid fouling of grinding wheel.

~ The machine is supplied complete with a diamond dresser for dressing the grinding wheel.