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Mesco is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of complete range of tea processing machinery in India. Mesco Equipment Pvt. Ltd. inherited Martinís brand of tea machinery a well known name in the tea industry with 29 years experience in manufacturing of CTC and later other tea machinery.

Martin is one of the oldest name in tea processing machine manufacturer and Mesco Equipment Pvt. Ltd has as its precursor, Martin & Associates. Martinís Jumbo & Conventional CTC processing machine were developed and manufactured by M/s. Martin & Associates a name known the world over.

Mr. Terry Martin a British Engineer invented the sliding block CTC processor in India. These machine are outcome of perfect understanding of the needs of tea factory. Quality engineering and exacting controls impart a level of performance which competitors find it difficult to match. For e.g. Very few CTC machine manufacturer have taken into consideration the load distribution of the impact of the CTC cutting through the correct angle to the base frame pedestal and there are many such high tech engineering involved in Mesco CTCís.

Today Mesco produces full range of processing machinery from Withering to Sorting and also has a strong R & D Section providing better technology, improvement in existing products, cost saving, introduction of a new range of modern and sophisticated tea machinery. True to Martinís tradition we have a number of epoch making products in our R & D wing and hope to bring some of them out by this year end.

Besides this, Mesco has a well equipped Pump Manufacturing Division where all kind of pumps are manufactured diligently with precision and sophistry. The pumps are widely used in some famous Indian Industries as well as foreign countries like Malaysia, East Africa etc.

Mesco is also linked with the Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2000.

Mesco always maintain the best and latest standards of products quality. Our machinery are manufactured very carefully with quality and balance as our motto.
  • Quality assurance systems development is considered as industry bench mark.
  • Fully equipped to carryout Dynamically Balance ,Destructive and Non Destructive in line with International standard.
  • Quality assurance system approved by Consultants and International Inspection Agencies.
  • Check on casting during pouring and Heat treatment. Casting also checked for surface defects, physical and chemical properties, Dimensional accuracy and pressure retention.