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Martin's Gold Leaf
To maximize the quality properties of black tea,12-16 hrs of chemical withering is essential.


Now it is possible in 4-6 hrs, ensuring superior quality.

Institute of Himalaya Bioresource Technology (IHBT) has been doing research ,and discovered that it is possible to accelerate both chemical and physical wither of green leaf by creating controlled stress to trigger chemical wither, This concept was patented six years back.
On the basis of this concept Mesco Equipment (P) Ltd, designed and developed the machine which now is jointly patented by IHBT and MESCO. After extensive trial the machine is now ready to go for commercial use by the tea industry.

  1. Controlled physical stress to trigger chemical wither.
  2. Cooling at ambient temperature by cold air circulation.
  3. Physical as well as chemical wither is achieved in 4:30 to 5:30 hrs for CTC and 5:30 to 6 for Orthodox.
  4. The process work in all weather conditions.
  5. Extra surface water on leaf will have to be removed before setting the process. However if the process starts with wet surface leaf it may become necessary to prolong application of cold air.
  6. The quality of tea through this machine is at par or superior to normal process.


  1. Time savingó4:30 hrs to 5:30 hrs for CTC and 5:30 hrs to 6 hrs for Orthodox.
  2. Saving of energy by substantial reduction of number of tough fan used.
  3. Saving of fuel as hot air is not required.
  4. Saving of man days.
  5. Reduces the trough area requirement by 27% to 40% by pre-treatment of green leaf.


  1. Compact with space requirement of 3.22 meter X 1.58 meter.
  2. Flexibility of stroke and pressure in relation to horizontal speed of movement.
  3. Throughput 2500-5000 kg green leaf per hr.
  4. One machine can cope with green leaf of a 10 lac kg factory by adjustment of manufacturing time.
  5. Easily adaptable to a continuous process from withering to drying.
  6. Substantial reduction of withering space requirement and labour.
  7. Faster manufacturing program.