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Martin's Green Leaf Sifter
~ Ensures continuous flow of post withered leaf to rotorvane.
~ An unique machine that ensures regulated flow of leaf.
~ Silent in operation.
~ Robust in make.


1. For quality control it is necessary to have a constant feed to the Rotorvane and then to the CTC Cutting Rollers. Piling of leaf behind the Spreader of the feed conveyor does not ensure this fully and it is necessary to have a regulated feed to the Rotorvane.

2. For this purpose Mesco has developed a unique machine which gives a controlled feed and also removes any foreign matter and dust from the Withered Leaf before going for processing.

3. Better the control at feed point better the quality.

4. Ensures even output of CTC.


~ Length— 2438 mm (8 ft)
~ Width— 914 mm (3 ft)
~ Height— 660 mm (2 ft 2 inches)

5 Nos. Magnet
1 Nos. Comb

Glass Fiber Leaf Spring with balancing attachment
Leaf cleaning separator
Nylon Net
Aluminum Tray


1 HP 960 rpm Motor and Starter
Double Action Crank Drive
Pulley and Belt Drive

Capacity : 1500 kg adjustable for higher output