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Mesco is now a renowned name in the field of manufacturer of tea processing machinery for more than two decades. The users list of company's machine does not only include some prestigious and opulent gardens in all the tea zone of India but also in countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia and so on.
Mesco is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of complete range of tea processing machinery in India. Mesco Equipment Pvt. Ltd. inherited Martin's brand of tea machinery a well known name in the tea industry with 29 years experience in manufacturing of CTC and later other tea machinery.

Martin is one of the oldest name in tea processing machine manufacturer and Mesco Equipment Pvt. Ltd has as its precursor, Martin & Associates. Martin's Jumbo & Conventional CTC processing machine were developed and manufactured by M/s. Martin & Associates a name known the world over.
To maximize the quality properties of black tea,12-16 hrs of chemical withering is essential


Now it is possible in 4-6 hrs, ensuring superior quality...
Mesco not only provides high quality machinery, it also maintains a well-organized and proficient service division. A team of expert technicians spread out across the globe taking care of all possible service you require.

Mesco also provides training facilities for technicians to get accustomed with the machinery, in its own workshop.