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Martin's Rotorvane
~ All stainless steel with high degree accuracy.

~ All moving parts bored to precision

~ Accurate pressure adjustment

~ Draw bar system to make cleaning easy.

~ Robust in construction

  1. All components which will be in contact with the tea leaf during processing are made of STAINLESS STEEL with the qualities of Higher Abrasion Resistance, minimizing Wear and Tear, ensuring least Chemical Reaction with Leaf.
  2. Mechanized Cylinder Sliding out device in Conjunction with Rack Pinion and Hand wheel for easy operation during washing and servicing.
  3. Revised Design of Resistors for 1st and 2nd stage at the feed-end obviate tendency of repelling back of leaf at the feed thrust face of WORM helix.
  4. Toned down design of endplates of ‘IRIS’ type machine, commensurate with the present day leaf throughput and style of processing.
  5. Modified Bedplate Design, consistent with the present day individual Electric Drive, dispensing with the superfluous jack Shaft Arrangement for neat appearance, saving of floor space and easy replacement of Bolts.
  6. Disposition of VANES to form pairs at the Feed and Discharge ends for improvement in the withered leaf intake and discharge.
  7. The Design of Feed Hopper is modified to suit the current practice of Loft Feeding or Mechanical conveyor system of withered leaf handling.

45 cm (18’’), 38 cm (15”), 30 cm (12’’) and 20 cm (8’’)


~ ‘IRIS’ Endplates
~ Cone Discharge—End Attachment