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Martin's Agni Vibro Fluid Bed Drier


Martins Vibro Fluid Bed Drier is a quality drying machine which works on the principle of vibrating Fluidized Bed. The wet tea is dried efficiently by a control, uniform flow of hot air from any source of heat. Fermented tea leaf is fed through a feed system to the Drying chamber where mixed conditioned hot air is introduced underneath a perforated Stainless Steel grid plate which carries the wet tea by the principal of fluidization conveyed by combination of hot air and vibration. In this process fermented tea is dried uniformly to achieve best quality tea.


The drier has a feeding conveyor which delivers the wet fermented leaf into the drying chamber. The chamber is actually the vibrating bed with perforated grid plate under which hot air is forced in an uniform manner from the Plenum Chamber. The hot air duct is aerodynamically designed to force air through out the bed in a control manner.

The vibration is created from an eccentric drive transmitting to the drying bed resting on series of specially designed spring blades. The vibration is smooth giving uniform flow of air through the grid plate and the wet tea moves forward in a fluidized manner and is dried in the process.

The drier has a robust steel construction and fabricated base frame and Stainless Steel plenum chamber which is well insulated to give the maximum thermal efficiency. All contact point of wet tea is on SS Sheets.


The sophisticated control panel with high sensitive tripping system for the protection of the equipment is supplied with the machine. IIRC fuses are used. Indicator lamps are provided for overlapping tripping. Four temperature indicators and single point controller are introduced through sensors to see the temperatures inside the drying chamber.


SS 304 grade sheet is carefully performed to make the air flow through this in a controlled manner and gives forward direction of fluidization. This determines the quality of the product from the Drier.


~ Efficient dust collection system for ensuring better collection of tea fines.

~ Suitable for CTC and Orthodox teas.

~ Sturdy construction for long life.

~ Can be coupled with any kind of heater

~ Hot and cold air mixing chamber for uniform drying in the II and III zone are provided

~ Controlled air-flow for better fluidization

~ Compact size of drying area for better output and smooth handling

~ Air diverters to control forward and reverse flow of tea and there by the drying time could be controlled efficiently.

~ Double-width blower for uniform flow of hot air throughout the plenum chamber.

~ Easy Operation.

~ Easy and instant cleaning of the plenum chamber.

~ Uniform drying for optimum quality.

~ High thermal output and efficient

~ Minimum maintenance cost.


~ Different size of machine for different capacity

~ Inverter controlled AC drive for hot air and Vibratory drive

~ Stainless steel cyclones for dust extractor.


Capacity of Made Tea 70-80 kg/hr 100-170 kg/hr 280-350 kg/hr 400-600 kg/hr
Water Evaporation 150 kg/hr 200 Kg/hr 650 Kg/hr 1050 Kg/hr
Size of Drying Chamber 5450 x 650 5450 x 740 m.m. 7500 x 1070 m.m. 8100 x 1650 m.m.
Heat Requirement Hot Air @ 1400 C 8500 kg/hr 9750 Kg/hr 20000 Kg/hr
33500 Kg/hr
a) Drying System
b) Dust Collection
11.94 KW (16 H.P.)
6 KW (8 H.P.)
11.94 KW (16 H.P.)
7.46 KW (10 H.P.)
21.6 KW (29 H.P.)13.4 KW ( 18 H.P.) 31.7 KW (42.5 H.P.)24.2 KW (32.5 H.P.)
DRYING TEMPERATURE. 1st Zone - 130 - 1400 C, 2nd Zone 95-1000 C.